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Home Office visa fee increases from 6 April 2018

April 12th, 2018 No Comments

The Home Office have introduced a new set of fees for applications from the UK and abroad from 6 April 2018. Applications forms for visa applications have also been changed to reflect the changes in the Home Office fees. Home Office Immigration & Nationality Charges 2018 Fees category Fees Prior to 6 April 2018 New fee from 6 April 2018 Fee Change Visas / applications made outside the UK Visit visa < 6 months £89 £93 £4 Visit visa <


Removing full right of appeal for family visitors

May 17th, 2012 No Comments

A clause in the Crime and Courts Bill, published today, will remove the full right of appeal for those applying to enter the UK as a family visitor. Subject to Parliamentary approval and Royal Assent, this change is expected to come into force by 2014. Refused applicants will still be able to appeal on limited grounds of human rights or race discrimination.


Bad weather was responsible for immigration delays, claims Downing Street

May 3rd, 2012 No Comments

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said that heavy rain last week disrupted flight schedules which in turn led to the Border Force facing additional problems.